Reviews of Dr Michael Bastkowski

I have been seeing Dr. Mike for several years for a sciatica condition. He is wonderful, he always gives me the right treatment and gets it back in line in no time. Before I found Dr. Mike the only thing I could do was wait it out with pain killers.

Thank you Dr. Mike for all of your help.

Linda P. in Boca Raton

I met Dr. Mike through a friend, he has helped me tremendously with a shoulder issue I was having. I couldn’t play baseball or Golf, my Orthopedic recommended surgery but Dr. Mike got me well again in 5 visits. I do still have some occasionally pain but it’s so much better than it was and I’m back to baseball and golf.

John S. in Coconut Creek

I was involved in a car accident last September and suffering from neck pain and constant headaches. Dr. Mike is the only physician who was able to give me any long term relief. I’m so much better than I was and if I do get an occasional headache I know just who to call.

Barbara C. in Boca Raton

“I’ve been treated by numerous chiropractors during the past 25 years, but none had dramatic effect on my well being that “Dr. Mike” did. When I first saw him in 2003, I had just suffered a subluxation of the sacroiliac joint {chiropractic jargon for “lower back injury”} was limping, had limited mobility and was in significant pain. Within a few visits to his Dynamic Medical Rehab center (which was inside the Tropical Fitness gym in Deerfield Beach), I benefited greatly from the combination of his custom
treatment protocols and expert spinal adjustments, which eliminated the pain. Whenever I have any sports injury these days, he’s the first person I see.”

Finding a trusted chiropractor is hard to do. But I found the best chiropractor in the world. I went to Dr. Mike Bastkowski one day with severe lower back pain. Within a week of treatments at Dr. Mike’s intimate clinic I was good as new. Oh and let me echo what countless fellow clients of Dr. Mike┬áhave told him over the years. You are the best in your chiropractic profession.”